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Government agencies, NGOs, and businesses strive to meet mission objectives and often assume that success in doing so will ensure that their enterprises will maintain viability over the long term. What is often missing from this calculation is an effective strategy for self-sustainment that is aligned with but distinct from mission-specific activities.

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Success, growth and sustainable development often require the establishment of strategic partnerships among diverse organizations. We are especially interested in partnering with consulting groups, development teams, funding agencies and prime contractors in public health, economic transition, business development and international security.

Who do we work with?

Government foreign aid agencies, international foundations, and other donor organizations frequently fund the development and operations of programs and enterprises to implement the donor’s mission objectives. While that is typically a primary objective, a co-objective is often assuring the long-term viability of the enterprise created through donor funding support. Use of Intersect Insight’s EVMTM assessment tool and technical support can provide confidence to donors that their funding will result in a self-sustaining enterprise that can endure long after donor support may be curtailed or re-directed. Our EVM capabilities can also provide benefits to donors wishing to evaluate the viability of prospective recipients of future support.


Many government agencies in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere serve not only as donors for international development organizations, but also as clients for programs and projects for their own missions. Intersect Insight has the experience conducting and supporting such efforts, and can provide its technical and managerial skills to enhance the success of agency-funded programs and projects.


International and domestic NGOs and non-profits generally operate to address specific needs. They can be particularly vulnerable to risks associated with enterprise viability. Intersect Insight’s EVM tool and consulting support can be highly impactful in helping NGOs and non-profits to understand and address any such risks they may face.


Intersect Insight has served a wide variety of commercial businesses ranging from small start-ups to large, multidisciplinary and multinational enterprises. Intersect Insight brings effective best practices from across this spectrum to address needs that underpin long-term viability and near-term business growth and success.


CSOs are active in international development and typically operate with funding supplied by national governments, charitable foundations, individual donors and others. Their viability can often be enhanced through best practices and lessons learned from larger, more multidimensional enterprises. CSOs benefit from Intersect Insight’s broad multinational experience.

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