Enterprise Viability Consulting

Intersect Insight has the experience, core competencies and staff resources to support your enterprise.
We help you identify the gaps and solve the issues.
Our consulting services are based on a set of tools including best practices developed, applied and refined through years of international project experience and the Enterprise Viability MetricsTM.

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Planning, Management and Execution Services

The Intersect Insight team is broadly capable of providing supporting services for sustainable institutional development based on many successful projects to create, modify, and operate major institutions active in international energy, environment, public health, telecommunications and global security development. We provide detailed planning, training, management support and problem-solving to instututions ranging from commercial businesses to donor agencicies to NGOs.


Intersect Insight’s proprietary assessment tool measures the long-term viabilty of your enterprise. EVM leverages a set of viability hallmarks, each of which is defined by detailed metrics.
Tailor EVM to your enterprise and measure its viability against your own targets.
See where your strengths lie and where you can improve.
Then implement best practices to improve those characteristics that exemplify the hallmarks of your enterprise.

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