Our Team

At the core of our team are seasoned professionals with skills at the intersection of entrepreneurship, program management, sustainability and development.  This team has had a multi-national impact with projects in Africa, Asia, Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, the Middle East and the United States.

Each team member brings experience and insight gained through different perspectives.  Their roles as an entrepreneur, a major program developer and manager, and a strategist responsible for business and economic development form a solid capability. The product of our team’s interactions is the sorting and testing of potentially viable approaches to design what is optimally practical and aligned with client, donor and host objectives.  We are adept at fast-tracking sustainable solutions through our experience, ideas and professional networks.

As an example, sustainable economic development often requires the establishment of strategic partnerships among diverse organizations. Our team is able to quickly and effectively identify and recommend partnership options from business, government and academic perspectives gained from many years of implementation experience. We are able to bring forward lessons learned as well as new ideas to meet new challenges.

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