Technology-Based Economic Development

One feature common to many sustainable enterprises, especially those whose missions encompass R&D and technology development, is their involvement in regional or national technology-based economic development (TBED). Such enterprises often form a core element of industrial clusters that foster industry-government-academic partnerships; support training and education initiatives to address common workforce development needs; and collectively act to create inward investment interest and market recognition. TBED activities can take many forms, but often are the focus of commercial, nonprofit, or government organizations set up to support technology clusters at a local or regional scale. By broadening geographic and market impact, and by enlisting the involvement of multiple organizations in addressing collective needs, the sustainability of the TBED partners can be significantly enhanced.
Members of the Intersect Insight team have had direct involvement in creating and participating in TBED initiatives in several locations (e.g., Britain’s Energy Coast initiative), and are able to translate that experience into sustainability services for new clients.