Stakeholder Communication and Involvement

A hallmark of sustainable institutions and enterprises is their ability to effectively identify, communicate with and involve key stakeholders, either individual opinion leaders or organizations. Our team has had responsibility to support clients to meet such objectives, either on a project-specific basis or empaneling stakeholders to provide longer-term advice and review to the client organization. We have found it very useful to seek out a reasonable range of perspectives when reaching out to affected stakeholder communities; to prepare clear and timely communications with those stakeholders using an appropriate variety of media; to create opportunities for stakeholders to interact directly with client representatives; to provide feedback to stakeholders on what the client organization has learned from them and how that information will be used; and to summarize external stakeholder input in communications provided to regulators, investors, and others directly involved with client programs. Our team is able to serve in capacities ranging from advisors on stakeholder interests and needs to managing a comprehensive stakeholder involvement process on behalf of our clients.