R&D Project Management

Project management of research and development (R&D) is an intrinsically complex task. Tangible results are not always a certainty – one cannot be sure that a discovery will be made or a concept can be operationalized, let alone on time and within budget. There always exist the normal program management actions associated with project design and monitoring of cost, budget, schedule, and technical progress. Nevertheless, course corrections are frequently required to adjust to reality. Fair and impartial evaluation must be provided to management on whether an effective solution is being obtained, and if not, what inputs need to be modified to raise the probability of success, even should the new expected outcome be in some way different from the original expectation.
The Intersect Insight team members have long experience with these issues, and recognize the importance of close interaction with the project team (which often is composed of spatially separated and organizationally diverse components), and with management to appraise and manage expectations. Our team utilizes many common and advanced program management tools – such as Microsoft Project and the Earned Value Management System (EVMS). But, just as importantly, we are culturally sensitive when engaged with partners and projects in diverse regions of the world.