Engaging the Market

An essential component underpinning the sustainability of institutions and enterprises is their ability to generate sufficient financial resources to maintain operations and evolve in response to societal, technological or market changes. A wide variety of practices to accomplish those objectives are encompassed within the term business development. The core team of Intersect Insight has collectively been responsible for developing business for organizations, using a variety of techniques, and responding to challenging needs, opportunities and constraints. We are familiar with most major revenue generation models and contract types. We are especially adept at formulating and implementing business development organizations, strategies and tactical plans, and performance management systems, all typically created from the perspective of enterprise sustainability. Evidence of the success of these endeavors is provided by the business development functions we have served that are sustaining major institutions in multiple international locations. We are ready to help your organization to establish or enhance its business development practice.

Business Development Tools
• Marketing
• Sales
• Advertising
• Proposal Development
• Contract Negotiation
• Customer Relationship Management
• Branding