Channel Management

For many enterprises, leveraging distribution channels for their product or service is a sales and marketing technique that can boost brand exposure and recognition. Properly managed distribution channels boost exposure and offer the potential for exponential sales and net revenue growth. Methods for leveraging channels are industry and territory dependent and may employ the use of distributors, importers, retailers, value-added resellers, and industry partners. Empowerment through training, tools, support and co-marketing strategies enfranchises the channel to create a demand draw and to sustain a revenue stream.
Channel management can be a cost-effective tool to do more than just promote a product or service. It can offer effective solutions to satisfy local regulatory requirements, product localization, warranties, spare parts, and technical support as demanded by the local market. It can be an effective tool for keeping a pulse on market trends and preferences. It also presents an opportunity to benefit from synergies in relationships through greater efficiencies and technological innovation.
Members of the Intersect Insight team have the experience and demonstrated success in all facets of designing and implementing channel distribution strategies and tactics to grow revenue and to maintain competitive advantage.